Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So gacked out by my body and its lack of sleep right now. Physically I feel worthless, like a lump that takes up space. The words of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, "Come what may and love it," come to mind... though I'm trying to think how this advice applies to having to jump out of bed and run to the bathroom at 2:30 AM, and then not going back to sleep. EVER.

This evening, as we were eating spaghetti:
Me: However I look, it's clear to see that I love you more than you love me.
Brennan: Sounds about right.

Worthlessness proof:
Pajama selfie at 7:30 PM,
at soccer practice
Tomorrow will be a better day. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


When we first moved into this house, these poor roses were a scraggly mess - really tall, leggy, dead branches, hardly any blooms. We had a hot summer so I waited till a cool-ish day, then pruned them down to around a foot tall.

It was pretty late in the season, and I was worried that they wouldn't come back, but they have.
The cream roses look wonderful and the red ones will be opening soon.
It makes me happy :) 

Brennan's birthday is coming up, and he decided he wanted to go eat Thai food for his birthday lunch. We took a trek over to find Hubby and meet him there.

With the cool elephant carving

Afterward we visited Finnegan's and stocked up on supplies, like a 1000 piece puzzle and a dot-to-dot book. You know, the basics.

Then it was off to Voodoo for a bucket of day-old doughnuts. It's a steal of deal. You take the risk of getting what they give you, though, and today the doughnuts were all vegan. But still good.

Later, we were out of pills, so we visited the pharmacy. 
"Pills! You gotta remember to give Bob his pills!"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Enchanted Forest and Return to Soccer

We left at 9:00, bought gas, and endured really stupid traffic in Ptown. A rock hit our windshield, too. Boo hiss!

By Salem it was time to break out the camera. The kids really hate having their pictures posted on Facebook, so I've stopped, but old habits die hard.
Bella's hand

Finally we made it. We'd never seen a line so long.

Harrison going down the Rabbit Hole

Coming out of the tunnel

The Crooked House

I've always loved this guy.
Seeing him freaks me out

Girls going down the "Old Woman
Who Lived In a Shoe" slide

Western Town

It was so fun. I really enjoyed seeing my "big kids" turn little again. After we left, we drove to Salem for drive-through pizzas and ate on the way home.

Harrison made it to most of his first soccer game and had a great game, except for tripping over the ball. He rediscovered how fast he can run. He kept saying, "It was a fun game. It was really fun." We're so happy to see him re-enter this sport and have it be a positive experience.

Before his second game, Hubby took him and Roz to pick up Harrison's girlfriend Isabel, and she watched the game with Hubby and Roz, then came home with them.

Hubby and the kids went to the store and we had strawberry waffles with whipped cream for dinner. Yay.

Summer 2011

I posted these on 12 September 2011 on Facebook, but I know they all have different dates. So they're staying here till I figure it out. Enjoy the blast from the four-years-ago past. :)
Lil Goose in our backyard at the Timmins house.
She, Carter and I were hanging out on the trampoline.

Harrison, ready for Handcart Trek!
The campsite we had at Girls Camp. Ann P and I were co-leaders

"I've been shot!"

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hutch, much?

Today we moved the hutch into place, unpacked the top-of-the-hutch stuff and went nuts. Especially the kitty, who discovered she loves crumpled packing paper.

New toy!
Finished product

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Like-A-Mess Lake*

Today's weather forecast predicted warm temperatures, so I made Brennan and Bella leave with me a little earlier for our walk. Bella chose the trail around the lake. We didn't walk all the way around it, but it was a good little jaunt.

Punny Foses

"Stop taking pictures!"

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: After our walk, we went grocery shopping, and on the way home we encountered a woman hitchhiking on a street near our house. I stopped to see if she needed help, since it seemed weird that she would do that in the suburbs, and she wanted a ride. I said no, she said "Then why did you stop??" and then asked for money for cab fare. I gave her a dollar and she acted like I'd just handed her a dead fish. That'll teach me.

This evening we went to the Trek fireside in our old stake. It was unbelievably good to see everyone again and enjoy awesome speakers and slide show. We miss these people like mad.

Macy, Meagean, Emma, Roz, Carter
A bunch of Carter & Harrison pics...

Breven, Spencer, Macy

My cute man

Carter, Colby (glasses), Luke

Can't hide from Mummy.

Is Harrison taller yet?
He's getting close!!

Roz and Ella
*Thank you, Voice to Text, for this gem.